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The La Stella Philharmonic Society is not surprised that once again the Il Leone Band Club tries to make use of the media to publish false and misleading statements which show division and hatred in Victoria as it did in the statement published by The Malta Independent (Monday, 20 August 2007).

This is more or less a repeat of the situation pertaining to August 16, 2006 when Dr Michael Caruana on Radju Katidral broadcast statements for which eventually he was condemned by the Malta Broadcasting Authority “for spreading hatred” in the community of Victoria and for which Radju Katidral was made to broadcast a public apology on January 30, 2007.

The La Stella Philharmonic Society categorically denies that there has ever been an understanding with the Police which the La Stella Philharmonic Society did not keep. On the contrary the La Stella Philharmonic Society has collaborated with the Police and has helped as always the Police in the performance of their duties. In fact the highest Police authorities have praised the representatives of the La Stella Philharmonic Society for their cooperation.

The La Stella Philharmonic Society also categorically rejects the claim repeatedly made by the Leone Band Club that there exists any Court judgement concerning the closure of the doors of the La Stella Band Club and the Society holds Dr Caruana and Mr Apap responsible for any damages according to law resulting from their false statements.

The Leone Band Club statement also falsely alleges that St George’s basilica refused any Police orders, legitimate or illegitimate.

The La Stella Philharmonic Society reserves the right to take all the necessary actions that it deems appropriate including libel proceedings against Dr Michael Caruana and Mr Joseph Apap in view of the blatant lies and defamatory language used by them in their statement.

Dr Joseph Grech,

George Cremona,
Assistant Secretary