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“Meta Jintefa d-Dawl” fit-Teatru Astra

Envy… Greed… Inheritance… Murder… These elements are at the core of the drama “Meta Jintefa d-Dawl”, and combined together reveal the dark side of human nature. This drama, set in England, portrays the anguish and rivalry among siblings brought about by inheritance. Through engaging dialogues one can perceive the synergy of the characters, as well as appreciate the individual traits in the diversity of each character.

This drama raises a lot of questions in the mind of the audience due to the tension that escalates when an innocent person is murdered in the presence of others. The commotion that is created between the siblings against a woman, that allegedly robbed them of their rightful inheritance, starts taking its toll as the drama unfolds. The butler also plays a part in this mystery. Once the inspector and his assistant arrive on scene, the suspense continues to build up and everyone is a suspect until the last few minutes.

The new theatrical group Curtain Call, under the direction of Ivan De Battista and assisted by Gilbert Formosa, are putting up this engaging production that instills in the audience a variety of emotions and gives them the opportunity to sit on edge till the very last moments. Written by Lino Grech, this drama will undoubtedly leave an impact on the audience due to the versatility of each character. Set in a characteristic English setting, with light but intense dialogues and a slight touch of humour, this production should leave the audience gripped to their seats.

“Meta Jintefa d-Dawl” – was performed with great success at Sir Temi Zammit Hall, University of Malta on the weekend of the 19th and 20th May and will be now staged at the Astra Theatre on 16th June at 7.30pm. Tickets available at the Astra Theatre.

Actors taking part are Gilbert Formosa, Marco Grech, Christine Borg, Dorian Micallef, Lydia Portelli, Stefanie Sacco, Kevin Spiteri and Aldo Zammit.

Photos courtesy of Ivan P.Vella