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Following the success of last year’s Christmas panto at Gozo’s Teatru Astra, Panto is back with Aladdin: The Rock n’ Roll Panto for this festive season, produced by FM Theatre Productions.

Boasting an exceptional ensemble of actor-musicians, Aladdin: The Rock n’ Roll Panto is led by seasoned panto legend Edward Mercieca in the role of Dame Widow Twankey on bass guitar.

Seamlessly weaving panto personas with their musical prowess, Mercieca is joined by Sandie von Brockdorff in the role of the principal boy, Aladdin, along with the stellar Gianni Selvaggi, Tina Rizzo, Sean Borg, Cathy Lawlor, Peter Farrugia, Dan Ganado, and Hannah Attard.

Promising to delight adults and children alike, the classic tale is infused with the humour and charm that one would expect of a Christmas Pantomime together with the electric excitement of a rock and roll concert.

In a chance encounter, Dame Widow Twankey’s son, Aladdin meets princess Trikki Trakki and the pair instantly fall in love. However, the star-crossed lovers can never be together as the princess must marry a prince of class and breeding, a man of the Emperor’s choosing.

Aladdin discovers a magic lamp that has held a powerful genie captive who turns Aladdin into a prince, an eligible suitor for the princess. But plans go awry when the mystical lamp falls into the hands of panto baddie Abazaner.

With contemporary jokes and Maltese references woven into the script by Peter Rowe, Aladdin’s whimsical journey is not scarce of the traditional panto elements and characteristics that will have audiences cheering and chanting classic call-backs at the top of their lungs.

Directed by Chris Gatt, the unexpected twists and turns that the protagonists find themselves in are nothing short of typical panto ludicracy that keeps audiences laughing uncontrollably scene after scene.

The actor-musicians, under the Musical Direction of Cathy Lawlor, will be performing some of the most iconic tunes from the likes of music legends such as Queen, Dolly Parton, Guns n’ Roses, Madonna and Aretha Franklin just to name a few.

Happening this December from 26th till 30th, Aladdin: The Rock n’ Roll Panto is an FM Theatre Production in collaboration with Teatru Astra and is supported by MeDirect, The Ministry of Gozo and The Cultural Heritage Directorate.

For tickets and more information visit the website here.