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UNITING DIVERSITY – dancing out discrimination!

This year as part of the seventh edition of Festival Mediterranea, the Naupaca Dance Factory  intends to launch a strong message against discrimination. As well as creating a night of entertainment the show develops solidarity and promotes tolerance among young people, in particular in order to foster social cohesion in the European Union. This year’s theme is based on widespread discrimination towards Gender, Ethnicity, Race, Religion, Disability, Sexual Orientation and more. 
The dance show will incorporate every form of dance discipline, such as modern jazz, lyrical jazz, funky jazz, contemporary dance, classical dance. The show is constantly changing in order to keep it’s audience focused at all times. With avantguard settings and unique modern costumes the dancers will dazzle the night away. There will also be some surprises during the show that will keep the audience guessing. A projector showing anti discrimination clips will be displayed on stage in order to guide the audience through the show. The magical setting and music combined with the art of dance make this evening beyond fantastic! After the event there will be a pasta buffet and free flowing wine to end your evening in complete satisfaction.

The Naupaca Dance Factory was established in November 2004. It consists of a group of dancers and choreographers from different backgrounds coming together to portray their best abilities and pass on a meaningful message through the art of dance. 
The Naupaca Dance Factory has produced two main dance events. The first show “Wondergold” was performed at Don Bosco Oratory Theatre in December 2005. Following this great success the next production “April 1912” was performed at Astra Theatre in September 2006. This year’s show “Uniting Diversity – Dancing out Discrimination” will take place at the Astra Theatre next Saturday at 8.00pm.

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