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The recent passing away of Peter Howitt was received with deep regret at the Teatru Astra where the Oscar film and theatre designer was involved towards the end of his illustrious career.

Following the fire incident of 2003, Peter was roped in by the Astra management to help with his expert advice in refurbishing the auditorium.  As many may recall, theatre design was where his heart lay.

Serious damage was then inflicted to the whole wooden soffit of the auditorium, part of the metal roof trusses and sheeting as well as the front seats.  Eventually Peter was entrusted with giving a fresh look to the theatre as a whole.  Under his skillful guidance, structural changes had to be undertaken to the side stalls whilst a completely new soffit was installed.  An innovative colour scheme finished off the decorations which included designs on musical motifs all around the auditorium.

It was under his guidance that the Teatru Astra rose like a Phoenix from the ashes to continue its mission of trailblazing and innovation.  Peter will be always remembered with pride by the Astra Management for his great contribution towards the re-birth of the theatre.