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by Albert G. Storace []

Allow me to congratulate the Astra Theatre on its staging of Verdi’s Macbeth. It was a superb evening with that stunning Lady Macbeth of soprano Francesca Patanè, the Macbeth of her real-life husband, baritone Marco Chingari, and, of course, the Macduff of our own beloved tenor Joseph Calleja who was repeating an experience of his professional debut in the same role at the opera house in 1997.

The set, the splendid chorus and the musical and artistic direction in general (bar a bizarre, anachronistic touch towards the end in the latter) certainly lived up to that momentous pace-setting production of 1997.

Gozo never ceases to amaze with the amount of love, commitment and dedication which go into the staging of opera, and the ever-improving standards. The opera-loving public never lacks in its support. Thanks go too to the many sponsors who support productions at both the Astra and Aurora, and without whom it would be nigh impossible to experience such wonderful events.

May even more sponsors contribute to these efforts, which cost both houses and all involved so much hard work, sacrifice and expense.

photos: Joe Attard