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Having spent an evening at Teatru Astra Victoria, I feel the need to congratulate La Stella Philharmonic Society on producing a superb Macbeth. Many a European opera company would envy the professionalism of its performers and production team. It is just stunning how such a brilliant performance can be staged on a small island like Gozo!

Of course, like many others in the audience, I went to celebrate the anniversary of Joseph Calleja’s stage debut 10 years ago; the first significant step to increasing acclaim in New York, London, Vienna and Paris to name but a few.
I must also underline Paul Axiak’s words in an article released in this paper in September: It is a pity the media feel the need to label Mr Calleja as a second Pavorotti. He is the first, one and only Joseph Calleja. A charming and generous young man with a unique talent which we were able to admire again this week on Gozo.

If one wants to attach labels “Knight of Malta” must be more suitable, as the headline of one article stated.

By Hanna Middleton [ – November 5, 2007]

photos: Joe Attard