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The Mro Giuseppe Giardini Vella Hall at the Astra Theatre was the perfect venue for a relaxing evening entitled "Light Music Concert" with The La Stella Clarinet Quartet. This event took place on Friday 24th October, as part of the seventh edition of Festival Mediterranea. An audience of about one hundred persons including a good number of German tourists attended this event.

The La Stella Clarinet Quartet  forms part of a larger musical organisation: the La Stella Philharmonic Society founded in 1863. The four clarinettists who performed during last Friday’s recital were Noel Beck, the assistant musical director of the La Stella Band Club, Francis J. Borg, Silvio Cini, and Philip Fenech who replaced clarinettist George Apap. During the evening the ensemble performed music by Gershwin (Rhapsody in Blue; Summertime); Henry Mancini (Moon River); Strauss (Pizzicato Polka); Lennon & McCarthney (Yesterday); Harris (Colours); Badelt (One Last Shot from Pirates of the Caribbean) among others.

The concert which included jazz, pop and classical music ended in style with a traditional Maltese musical composition: Pace’s L-ImnarjaThe audience that attended the second evening of the festival expressed its delight time and again with the lovely music that was performed by the four clarinettists. 

photos by Andrew Formosa