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by George Said (The Malta Independent: 21 August 2007)

Reference is made to the communication by Leone Band Club of Victoria signed by Dr Michael Caruana and published in The Malta Independent on 20 August.

This is not the first time for the Leone Band Club to issue such statements following the feast of St Mary held in Victoria. We had now become accustomed to having similar statements by the same society year after year and it had been going on for too long.

It seems that incidents similar to those mentioned in the statement in question had become synonymous only with the activities organised by the Leone Band Club during the feast of St Mary. None of such or other incidents are experienced or witnessed in any other feast in Gozo.

To add insult to injury, the Leone Band Club committee or whoever of it, wants us to believe that all are to be blamed for such mishaps except themselves (the organisers) – the police, the Bishop, the parish church and the archpriest of St George, La Stella Band Club and its supporters.

The celebrations of Our Virgin Mother’s feast merit respectful activities which inspire heavenly joy, faith, love, charity, respect and unity.

The way the Leone Band Club has been organising its activities surely belies the holy and brotherhood spirit most cherished and mostly called for in our religious feasts. The band marches, some of the routes and the long duration at deliberately chosen spots by the committee itself together with the insults and provocation by its supporters are clear proof that the main purpose of such activities is not to entertain but to spread bad feeling and division. The press communication referred to speaks for itself.

St Mary’s feast deserves much better and the Leone Band Club is proving itself incapable of giving our Holy Mother what She deserves. For these and other reasons, the committee of the Leone Band Club should not be trusted any more with the organisation of St Mary’s feasts. It has been making a mockery of such a holy feast for too long now. Enough is enough.