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Teatru Astra is proud to present the musical Evita, a production which lines up with Grease – the first successful venture into the live musical genre of theatre, which electrified Gozo just eleven months ago!

The theatre is pleased to host a large number of performers from across Malta and Gozo who cherish the opportunity the Astra is offering them to be involved in such a production, reinforcing the rewarding experience of being engaged in voluntary work through the arts.

Volunteers, fifty years ago built Teatru Astra – and this same spirit, continues to be the driving force behind every project undertaken by the theatre.  If the input of volunteers across all facets of the production had to be financially costed, such a mammoth project would never be feasible.

The theater faces an uphill struggle to manage its assets. Whilst recognising the support of the state – which the Theatre continues to yearn for, we are proud  to rally the support of a good number of corporate sponsors who believe that their engagement with the theatre is an investment in the community.

Taking advantage of the theatre’s operatic heritage and building on the experience of Grease in 2016, the Theatre has recently launched the Astra School of Musical Theatre – a professionally run academy which aims to train young people in drama, dancing and singing.

A final word of gratitude to all those who are involved and who have believed in what last year was considered to be just an experiment.

Teatru Astra itself and all activities that it animates are indeed a monument to voluntary work.

Michael Formosa
Evita Production Team